Material: mineral paint on wall

Place: Lørenskog Cultural Center

Curator: Vil Andersen Bjerkeset

Photo: Stefan Schröder

Lørenskog Stars is the title of a mural in a stairwell in the new cultural centre in Lørenskog, a small town east of Oslo, Norway. The mural was painted directly onto the concrete inner wall of the stairwell using mineral colours and a stencilling technique. It extends over seven floors and shows a light atop a steel lattice structure on which a flock of starlings have settled for a rest. The source for this motif was a photo taken in the cargo port of Horten, a small town at Oslofjord. The light mast was combined in the mural with an orange-light blue colour gradation. Integrated into the architecture of the fully-glazed staircase, in favourable light conditions, it can give the impression that one is looking through the building to an industrial landscape at sunrise or sundown.

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