Material: gold-bullion and aluminium plate with engraving, plexi glass mounted on rock

Place: The Swiss Alps

Curator: Pfelder (GER) and Simone Zaugg (CH/GER)

Photo: Stefan Schröder

3 Schweigen und Gold

A Swiss gold bar was hidden in the mountains along the Simplon Pass. It was stamped with the words ’silence’ and ’gold’. A message was left with the gold informing the finder that s/he is entitled to keep the bullion on the condition that s/he observes strict secrecy about the find.
The project Schweigen und Gold (Silence and Gold) is on the one hand about the discovery of gold in Simplon and about Jewish gold and the Swiss national reserves, and on the other a play on the well-known expression, ’Talk is silver, silence is golden’.

Schweigen Nrbildet

Selfportrett ved stedet

Teltleir Schweigen

4 Schweigen und Gold

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