Material: (rain-) water

Place: Abandoned barracks in the historical centrer of Breda, (NL)

Photo: Stefan Schröder

Borderline 1  

The unstable weather conditions, with many rainy days during the period, caused the wall facing the studio to constantly change in appearance. One day, I took some chalk sticks and traced the boundary between the wet and dry areas on it. 

Grenzlinie Wand sm

 Borderline 2 

In the early spring of 1995, after a long winter working on the paintings of common alphabet, I left my studio in order to mark a white chalk line on the ground, tracing an imaginary route across the backyard over to the other side. One of the black and white paintings of common alphabet was mounted at the end of this line. Within 24 hours, the rain had washed away the borderline; the painting came back into my studio after the photo session.


1 Borderline