Material: corrugated plastic, construction timber, screws and graffiti, 2,5 x 32m x 10cm

Place: Berlin Pavilion, Tiergarten

Curator: Rüdiger Lange, (GER)

Photo: Stefan Schröder

This temporary work was constructed in order to create an artificial indoor space out of doors, directly inspired by the architecture of the Berlin Pavilion inTiergarten. The main material – ordinary corrugated plastic – helped to reinforce the impression of a more or less useless wall. At the same time post graffiti mirror wall was a comment on the existing graffiti all over the backside of the exhibition building. Although not explicitly stated, post graffiti mirror wall amounted to an invitation to Berlin's graffiti kids, which they eagerly accepted. The nearby ICE and local train tracks were reason enough for them to show up during the night and leave a tag. The work was a project for Z2000 with curator Rüdiger Lange.

PGMW ganz von hinten sm 2


pgmw 2

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