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Together with artist colleagues Helen Eriksen (N) and Ebba Moi (N), Stefan Schröder is a founding member of Tenthaus Art Collective. The collective has been working together in various constellations since 2009. It´s work is characterized by an open, process-oriented form of participation and collaboration. They focus on local contexts exploring collectivity and inclusion through different forms of engagement. Tenthaus began as an artists-in-schools project, and over a decade later, they continue to maintain strong relations with the community and work to cultivate and nurture its environment. Today, Tenthaus encompasses a project room and an exhibition space, a mobile studio, and a wide range of curatorial projects. As a collective, Tenthaus reimagines itself, what it means to be artists working with the public, and what makes a relevant, socially engaged practice today. The collective works with discursive events, radio, research, exchanges, workshops and exhibitions with an international orientation. Each member brings a distinct set of skills, practices and cultural knowledge, and the specific result of their collaborations and collective discussion is visible through their work.


Ongoing show:     Dandara by Maya Økland

Curator: Tatiana Lozano

Including a video installation by Ingrid Fadnes and Fábio Nascimento.

Duration:  June 2nd until June 26th, 2022

Opening hours: Friday to Sunday from 13.00 to 17.00


Dandara dos Santos 2019 Maya Okland


The exhibition Dandara is dedicated to the trans woman Dandara dos Santos and the cis woman Dandara who were both subjected to deadly violence because they chose to live their lives in freedom. The black cis woman Dandara escaped from slavery in the 17th century to establish a free society in the rainforest until she was arrested, while Dandara dos Santos was brutally murdered by senseless hate crime because she lived openly as a trans woman in 2017. What remains is the certainty of their existence and the courage they showed.

From a queer feminist perspective with references to shamanism and Brazilian candomblé, Maya Økland has performed ritual acts in a search for strategies to achieve resilience to violence. With her in the exhibition, she has invited Ingrid Fadnes and Fábio Nascimento to show the installation «Killer Forest» about how nature is also exposed to violence through short-term strategies for profit and impoverished monocultures.

As part of the exhibition, a Queer Boteco will be set up outside Tenthaus at irregular intervals, inspired by informal Brazilian street bars. 

The exhibition is supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Fritt Ord Foundation and Bergesen foundation.

Come visit us at: Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo, Norway

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Tenthaus Sessions presents Toolkit seminar and publication.

Tenthaus Toolkit – Artists in Schools
is a set of tools for schools as a location for the production of art. Through a number of texts and examples, we define some tools which may be useful when a school wants to work with an artist or vice versa. Based on our own practice, we wish to use this publication to share some tools with artists, schools, politicians and other decision-makers who are involved in, or interested in these questions. The aim is to find good strategies for how a visual artist may participate in the Norwegian state school system. 



 Tenthaus 01

 Tenthaus 02

photo: Ariane Spanier (GER)

Here you can read the Toolkit publication in English.

Her kan du lese Toolkit på norsk.
Design: Ariane Spanier. 
Supported by Norsk Kulturråd / Kunstløftet.

The seminar and publication is supported Kunstløftet and Norwegian Cultural Council.