Materialphotography and installation

Place:  RAKE visningsrom Trondheim (N), 2015

Co-curator:  Vigdis Haugtrø (N)

Photo: Stefan Schröder

In the picture of Stefan Schröder is an exhibition that consists of two photo-series, an installation and a sculpture situated in the gallery’s outdoor space. The photo-series show pictures of Stefan in various situations and life-phases. In all of the images, he is engaged in some form of construction project.

 Construction has always been a major component in Schröder’s output, and runs like a red thread through his work. When not working on his own monumental creations, he has been employed as an exhibition technician at The National Museum, and as a carpenter, construction-worker and bricklayer for friends and acquaintances.

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Construction, as both an activity and passion, began early in Schröder’s life; at the tender age of twelve he took part in the building of the family house in Dresden. The artist’s father documented the construction of their standard detached house, as seen in the photo-series EW 65. Taking part in this project turned out to be of great importance to Schröder: For his secondary education he enrolled in building trades, becoming a carpenter, and then went on to study architecture, which he left behind in favor of art.

According to the artist, some of the main driving forces in taking on constriction work, is the experience of being part of large-scale, complex processes, getting feedback on the created work and being part of a team.

Since 2004, Schröder has systematically documented his work as carpenter and construction worker in Contributor. This work has existed parallel to the art, both as a source of income and inspiration. The photographs show numerous building sites and installation work, all of which Stefan has been fully, or partly, responsible for.

Contributor has a double bottom, engaging in the discussion concerning art and income. In several of the photographs it is easy to identify the seriousness of the situation, and thus experience the duality of working as creative artist on one hand, and the need for something resembling a steady income, on the other.

The artist’s work pants, worn out one by one throughout the years, hang on the gallery wall as an individual piece: Artist Statement.

The second part of Contributor. In the picture of Stefan Schröder, is a monumental sculpture that enters into a dialogue with the newly established harbor area surrounding RAKE. The sculpture that Schröder has created consists of a single element, just like this summer’s new additions to the harbor area. In shape and form they can be said to resemble small models of Snøhetta’s opera, floes, or perhaps Styrofoam, which has drifted ashore during the winter storm – perfect for resting on while enjoying a bit of sun between all the running around. Separated from the ground, the element will lean against one of RAKE’s outer wall, as if absentmindedly left there, or as something collected and saved, but still left unused.

This distinctive exhibition is an homage to construction projects, to the art of creation within the practical, to the aesthetics of what is underway and the poetry of hard work.

RAKE Visningsrom and co-curator Vigdis Haugtrø

Contributor. In the picture of Stefan Schröder is part of the “The Collaborative Curating Project”. A total of twelve exhibitions form the backbone in this project, which runs at RAKE Visningsrom until the summer of 2016. In each of the exhibitions RAKE works with a co-curator, who has applied to be part of the exhibition-series on behalf of a colleague. This time around, artist Vigdis Haugtrø has applied on behalf of Stefan Schröder.

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