Stefan Schröder works with drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, and participatory art. He finds the driving force for many works in encounters with people, places, and narratives, but also through materials and processes. Serial production over some long periods characterises the artist’s work process. With an education in construction and art (Dresden University of Fine Arts (GER) and The School of Fine Art and Design St. Joost, Breda (NL)), Schröder explores the intersections of both fields. This has resulted in more than ten art commissions in Germany and Norway in the last 25 years. Since 2004, Schröder has highlighted the hidden labor in the art field and beyond various work situations through an ongoing photographic self-portrait series he calls for Contributor. Common Alphabet is another ongoing work that results in abstract drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Schröder is one of the founding members of the Oslo-based artist-run space and art collective Tenthaus.

Public and private collections have purchased several works by the artist in Germany and Norway. Schröder has exhibited at Preus Museum, Kunstnernes Hus (N), Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Berlin-Dresden (GER), the Sculpture Biennale (Oslo), the Drawing Biennale (Oslo), The National Art Exhibition – The Autumn Exhibition (N), the Østland Exhibition, RAKE – Trondheim (N), and Tenthaus, among others. Public assignments were realised for the University of Oslo (N), Lørenskog Hus (N), Vålerenga School (N), Lista School (N), Helmholtz Zentrum Rossendorf (GER), the embassy of the state of Saxon in Berlin GER), and Nye Vinne School Verdal (N). Together with the art collective Tenthaus, Schröder has been invited to, We call it art´, the opening exhibition of the new National Museum of Art and Architecture in Oslo (N).