Title of work

Common Alphabet, Breda


Oil on wood or MDF


St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda, NL

Graduate show, 1995

Year 1995

Text Stefan Schröder

Common Alphabet is the title of a conceptual work based on prefabricated packing materials. I began collecting such packaging in 1991. It can be found everywhere in an incredible range of sizes and forms. The formal richness of these carefully engineered products has been a longstanding source of fascination, and I find it highly inspiring to use them as stencils for two-dimensional works.

While studying in Breda (NL), I worked on 60 paintings based on these artefacts. To emphasise the character of the various forms, I used only black paint on white grounded wood. For my graduation show in Breda in 1995, I installed 24 such pieces on a single wall.