Title of work:

Common Alphabet expanded. From Painting to Drawing and Back Again.


Ink on paper and acrylic on plywood of poplar,

Place: Tenthaus,

Year: 2004-2023

Exhibition: The Drawing Triennale, 2023



Text (by Nina M. Schjønsby, Dec. 2023)

Time settles down.

For the 2023 edition of The Drawing Triennale, Stefan Schröder contributes an ongoing series of drawings entitled Common Alphabet. The series was begun in 1991, when the artist lived in Dresden, and is based on packaging from an ever-growing consumer culture. The artist uses the packaging as a stencil, allowing the outlines to form the basis for further fabrications. It is interesting to see how time unfolds in this series.

– The sheet can lie untouched for several years after the first drawing. I take it out irregularly and consider whether new colours or shapes should be added.

At the bottom of the sheet, where we often find a signature, the execution time is logged. For example, an inscription shows that the drawing began 18 years ago and that the artist has continued working on it today: “probably 2005, 12.01.2019, 17.9.2023.”

For Bitácora, Schröder has built an entirely new wall and filled it with a selection of drawings. The wall will be a continuation of the shapes and colours of the drawings. The selection will vary During the exhibition, so new works in the same series will not be available.


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