She Always Makes Light of Her Disability (2007)

Title of work

She Always Makes Light Of Her Disability


Acrylic paint on wall



Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, Norway
The National Annual Autumn Exhibition Høstutstillingen, 2007


Year 2007

Text Stefan Schröder

The painting She Always Makes Light Of Her Disability is a detailed composition, which, at 4.05m high and 8.68m wide, is designed to fit the shorter wall of the right hall on the first floor at Kunstnernes Hus. The picture was created by applying three coats of paint directly onto the wall over specially made self-adhesive stencils.

She Always Makes Light Of Her Disability combines 250 different motifs and can be read, for example, as a comic strip, an urban landscape, or a technical drawing. It is up to the individual viewer to focus on either the micro or the macrocosm.

This painting is the product of a long work process that began in 1992, my final year at the art academy in Dresden. It was in that period that I discovered the immense variety of forms used in the industrial packaging that comes with so many of the products we purchase in what was for me the very new world of western consumerism. I decided to explore this rich world of aesthetic form and its visual symbolism. This study has resulted in numerous drawings and paintings, either as singular motifs or as group compositions.

In developing the proposal for the National Annual Autumn Exhibition 2007 I used a computer in the process for the first time. This allowed me to take a step beyond the original game of opening out the three-dimensional pieces of packaging and using them as two-dimensional stencils. Twisted surfaces in the picture add a new three-dimensional aspect, which draws the viewer into a space with depth.