Contributor (2004)

Title of work:




Various places


Analogue c – print

Year: 2004 – Ongoing

Text: Stefan Schröder

Contributor is an ongoing series of photographic self-portraits that was started in 2004. It shows the artist working in various places in Norway and Germany. In some of these pictures, Schröder can be seen working on his projects; in others, he works on the projects of friends, colleagues, or business partners. Either way, the photographs depict him contributing his ideas, experience, time, and energy to something that needs to be done. In Contributor, the short-term energy of the workplace is translated into the long-term power of the image. While working on the series, Schröder has transformed his position from that of a (working) subject to that of a (watching) observer. The selected photographs allow him to share his work experience with a broader audience.