Lørenskog Stars (2011)

Title of work:

Lørenskog Stars

Place: Lørenskog hus (Lørenskog houses, Norway

Technic: Silicat paint on wall 

Size: 24 x 6 m

Year: 2011

Text: Stefan Schröder

For the new Lørenskog houses, I was commissioned to create art for one stairwell extending over six floors. The mural Lørenskog Stars covers the entire inner wall of the hall, stretching over six floors. It is visible from a greater distance from outside of the building and as a close-up when using the stairs. The composition shows a light mast with a diagonal grid construction standing in front of a graded sky that ranges from orange in the lower part to light blue in the upper part. A flock of starlings has visited the light mast, covering almost the entire construction. Like an urban tree, it is a resting place for the birds. The silhouette of many birds in all kinds of movements contrasts the geometric form of the lattice. The motif for the mural Lørenskog Stars is transformed from a photograph taken at Horten Harbour in 2009. Scaled up and transferred with mineral paint directly onto the concrete surface in the stairwell, the work has become an integrated part of the outer and inner design of the building.