Möglichkeitsfeld I,II (Field of Possibilities I, II) (2010)

Title of work:

Möglichkeitsfeld I,II (Field of Possibilities I, II)

Place: Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, (GER)

Technic: self-adhesive foil on plexiglass 

Size: 1,75 x 3,9 m

Year: 2010

Text: Susanne Altmann, Dresden

With his work, Möglichkeitsfeld (Field of Possibilities, 2010), Stefan Schröder plays with the cryptic potential of his signs from the Common Alphabet series. He made two screens of the Möglichkeitsfeld (Field of Possibilities) in the staff restaurant of the largest German research centres (Helmholz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) that deals with high-frequency magnetic fields, particle accelerators and radiopharmaceuticals. Here, his elements incorporate the visual models of scientific experimentation and thought structures between chaos and order, rationality and intuition. Both fields evoke a possibility to creatively decode sign systems and the diverse forms of coding behind them. Here, however, as in Vestavinden, Stefan Schröder, as well as a practitioner of site-specific and public art, proves to be a practitioner who understands how to think with the art user and open up new horizons.