Weite (2000)

Title of work:


Menu: public art

Place: Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund in Berlin, Representation of the State Saxony, Berlin


Silicate paint on wall

Size: 19,7 x 3,6 m

Year: 2000

Photo: Michael Lange (no. 1,2), Stefan Schröder

Text: Stefan Schröder

The view from the new meeting room in the state of Saxen’s representation in Berlin went straight towards a 12-metre-high external wall, and the employees found this very uninviting. In the mural with the title Weite (width), the word Weite was set in a compositional pattern that created an impression of depth with illusionistic means. In addition, the term Weite, in connection with the German word Sicht, Weitsicht (long-term vision), is essential for successful and sustainable political work.