Everyday Sculpture (2017)

1. Everyday sculpture 2. Everyday sculpture 3. Everyday sculpture 4. Everyday sculpture 5. Everyday sculpture 6. Everyday sculpture Title of work: Everyday Sculpture Place: Kunstnernes hus, Oslo Technic: Metal fences and vintage suitcases Year: 2017 Text: (Stefan Schröder) This installation combines two types of ready-made materials, standard metal fences and used suitcases, to divide the […]

The Archive, My Thoughts, Your Actions (2013)

1-The-Archive,-gathering 3-Monolithsalen, Arkivet,-2013 4.-THE-ARCHIVE My thoughts, your actions-2 5. THE ARCHIVE My thoughts, your actions-4 6-The Archive-love, music.. 7-The-Archive,-single-shelf 2-The-Archive,-writing 8-The-Archive,-another-shelf 9-The-Archive,-Detail–one-shelf 14-The-Archive,-one-shelf Title of work: THE ARCHIVE. My thoughts, your actions.   Place: Vigeland Museum, Oslo   Technic: Wooden shelves and icing sugar. The work is done in collaboration with students from Uranienborg school, […]

Chimney (2006)

1. Chimney, ROM, Oslo, 2006 2. Chimney, ROM, Oslo, 2006 3. Chimney, ROM, Oslo, 2006 4. Chimney, ROM, Oslo, 2006 Title of work: Chimney Place: ROM, Art and Architecture, Oslo Technic: Found object (casted iron) and concrete Size: 4,8 x 14,7 x 10,1 m Year: 2006 Photo: Stefan Schröder Text: Stefan Schröder Chimney takes a […]

Schweigen und Gold, (Silence and Gold) (2003)

1. Schweigen und Gold, Silence and Gold, Simplon Mountains, 2003 2. Schweigen und Gold, close up of the plate that has been mounted permanently, including the gold bullion and engraving, Simplon Mountains, 2003 3. Schweigen und Gold, during the mountain hike and installation work, Simplon Mountains, 2003 4. Schweigen und Gold, signpost, marking the start […]

Das Feld (The Field) (1996)

1.-Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-Dresden,-1996,-Photo-Stefan-Schröder 2.-Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-Dresden,-1996,-Photo-Martin-Hertrampf 3.-Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-Dresden,-1996,-Photo-Martin-Hertrampf 4.–Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-Dresden,-1996,-Photo-Martin-Hertrampf 5.-Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-1996,-Photo-Michael-Lange 6.–Das-Feld,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-Dresden-,-1996,-Photo-Martin-Hertrampf 7.-Das-Feld,-cutting-4000-disks,-Photo-Dieter-Schröder 8.-Das-Feld,-mounting,-Photo-Dieter-Schröder 9.-Das-Feld,-visitors-and-artist-4th-from-left,-Festspielhaus-Hellerau,-1996,-Photo-unknown Title of work: Das Feld (The Field) Place: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden Technic: Yellow pigment, disks of Fermacell, iron wire and French plaster, Size: 30 x 16 x 1,2m Year: 1996 Text: Stefan Schröder In early January 1996, Das Feld (The Field), assembled with four thousand machine-made […]